Welcome to my poetry blog!

I’m a former philosophy instructor, a poet, and Catholic woman living in San Francisco. I used to teach at a university and now am working toward a degree in computer science. I’m committing myself to service by earning another graduate degree, finding work, and developing good character.

This blog expresses my spiritual vision of unity and redemption in Christ; the reality of poverty, indifference, and anger in the world; our dire need to resist genetic, sociological, and psychologistic narratives of reductionism; creation itself as praise to God; love as the gentle heart of Christ and the wellspring of all goodness and virtue.

Freedom is our birthright, and so is justice; both heal us through our living narrative to carry on in the way of peace. Division and bitterness are vanquished, and ordinary life remains for us. We never have to fall in the dark again, but we know it is there, and in so many ways. But much more is here with us, too.

Besides the magnanimous truth that we humans like to hold over ourselves, we live out our own personal truth, too—and in humility. What is that, but honesty, and living in the truth of who we are and honoring that—in standing by our convictions, and by being together? Here we are, and we will not go silently into shame, division, or convenience!

So many of us struggle with severe trauma, addictions, and homelessness. Where this leads our thinking and conscience, I admit, is largely up to each individual. Fortunately, we have friends and allies to help us accept our human idiosyncrasies and to help form our attitudes and decisions in a positive way.

I choose to live visibly and authentically, and I choose to harbor no bitterness. That is not easy, but it is also not complicated. I give thanks.

In peace,

Emma Gabriel