Vahan (Poem)


Who danced over glacier-capped
mountains and lunar skies,
o eternity, pouring out as
clouds, fallen into rain?

Your dread angel’s holy fire
washes out the hopeful faces,
in its mad torrent,
blasting each, cystic layer,
and long-walled Piraeus,
shattered and plague-ridden city state,
and her proud kouros, too,
forgotten relics under me!

Sweet music of death,
cerulean melody among
silver- minted fragments,
cast down from annihilation–

For what paths were tread forever,
or what eyes saw blindly,
or tongues weaved accord,
or minds set upon equanimity?

We will drown in the
excretion of unbecoming
we’ve seen hidden
in the forms between
two magnitudes,
and heard since our dawn,
that dreaming song,
of holomorphic peace.

© 2017 Emma Gabriel


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