Mythic Rubble (Poem)

Here’s a poem I wrote in 2015 anticipating the abhorrent racism and division sweeping away good sense in the country. Oddly enough, one of the Charlottesville racial terrorists even had “Deus Vult” on a shield. The poetry club prompt was “rubble.”

Mythic Rubble

Ah, like the crumbling tower
Of my life’s inner narrative!

I’m not deluded or grandiose—
I’m Joseph Campbell reincarnate!

Here’s one out of the record books:
“For he has put everything under his feet.”

Like death, corruption, disintegration—
Of morality and social identity.

Oh no, I’m not having an identity crisis
(I already got my eighteen crises in today).

Cynicism, the battle cry of our crusade
Against wholeness. Remember “Deus vult?”

Whatever happened to the good old days?
Don’t worry, friends, they are fast approaching.

What side will you be standing on?

© 2015 Emma Gabriel


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